About me-

One boy forty girls and a hell of a lot awkward stares and silences. This is my blog. One boy fighting his way through the stereotypes to achieve a goal of becoming a lingerie designer.

It all began in year 11 in my art GCSE, I chose to draw and focus on a collection of corsets as my theme on the restraints on the body. From then on I worked to get into Leeds College of Art where I specialised in fashion/textiles focusing mainly on lingerie design, which no one really understood at the time, I would create my own patterns for swimwear and loungewear using unconventional media like 3D workshops where I worked in latex, plastics, welding and metals. I knew I wanted to apply for DMU before I got to college so I passed every milestone in every project to get a strong portfolio.

Lingerie makes a person more than a dress or any other item of clothing can, this is why I chose contour fashion. Women don’t wear lingerie to seduce their partners they wear it to feel strong, powerful and sexy. I also wanted to study contour fashion because of the way the industry works because the intimate’s apparel is so small and niche you will be working within tight circles and also I will be creating contacts with in different companies;-p which will act as my network of source. The intimate’s apparel can also take you into lots of different areas for example lingerie designs, swimwear, corsetry, nightwear and sportswear. Through my course I will be able to try out lots of different areas before picking a specialist area.

My main interests are fashion and music. For me, fashion is the most inspiring source for my work as it not only shows what will be coming in this season, it also shows a designs thought process, how they can take the same cut of a dress but reinterpret it in a different way each time by altering colour and fabrics. Alexander McQueen is a particular favourite designer of mine, not only are his catwalk pieces so extravagant and over the top, but all his work is based on his life and that makes the pieces so much more beautiful and personal because of the backstory thats behind them. Music is my other passion, no particular genre, I can listen to just about anything and just float off into another world and highly influences my work.

So this is me and my blog. Its gonna be a bumpy ride of bras, boobs and big breakdowns! So do stick around for the ride I’m sure it will be interesting…

I hope!

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