Chatsworth object into context

I chose to include these images as after doing a lot of research these resembled my object the most because of the similar design, shape and designer.


CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES (Unknown date) André- Charles Boulle, (online image) available from (30\10\15)

  • This piece links in with my Chatsworth object as the legs on the table have the same carvings as my chair from the music room.


CHARLES BOULLE FURNITURE (2010) STÓ BOULLE PRZED RENOWACJA, (Online image) Available from (30/10/15)

  • Shows a table from Boulles collection, which has not been restored, very much like my chosen object from Chatsworth.


LIVE AUCTIONEERS (2012) 181: (PAIR)LOUIS XV BOULLE STYLE UPHOLSTERED ARM CHAIRS (Online image) available from (30/10/15)

  • Collection of chairs at auction with similar backs to the chair in the music room at Chatsworth.

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