Boys, girls and whatever you want to wear.

Now when it comes to clothing and what we wear, peoples opinions are always in the back of our minds…

“Does this look okay?”

“Does my ass look good in these jeans?”

“Does this make me fit in….?”

Everyday before uni, work or just going to the shop for milk we ask ourselves how we look, and if we look presentable enough to go outside. For me personally, I am commutable in my own style to go out in the clothes I like and feel confident in. However, their are others out there who look in the mirror and don’t like what is looking back at them. There are people who feel the need to express their personalities through their clothing in a different way.
punksIn fashion there has always been an underlining subculture. For example in the 60’s we had hippies, and in the 90’s we had punks. Two very different styles of dress and identity, hippies were seen as peaceful and zen, where as punks were seen as intimidating and often rebellious.

Looking more into gender and dress, I want to go into detail on how women can wear mens clothing and be praised for how powerful, chic and glamorous they look, but for a man to dress in women clothing it is considered wrong, gay and degrading. I want to look into why it isn’t considered acceptable. When women wear a sharp fitted and tailored suit, she is considered to be a professional, smart and strong outgoing woman. This is because you get a very stereotypical mens ‘power dressing look’ making the women look confident and sexy. On the opposite end of the scale if a man is seen to be wearing anything overly feminine, for example overly skinny jeans or even a shirt with a bold or colourful print, the automatic stigma of wanting to be a woman is labeled or that the male is gay.


Why do we do this?

We dress as we want to dress to express
who we are and how we want to be viewed. When we look at drag queens in society we see them as comedians or something to be laughed at. However, drag is a form of expressing who you are or even who you want to be. Are they hiding who they are or are they just trying to express the other side of their personality?


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