The lion, The witch and The ethics in the Wardrobe.

While we have  iconic characters such as Cruella De Ville, with a vast wardrobe of furs, to the countless leather jackets in the T’BIRDS closets all of our wardrobes have ethical issues whether we chose to like it or not. Sad to say my wardrobe is less Donnatella and more Leicester high street.

Although we believe that we have come along way in the fashion industry, the manufacturing process really hasn’t shifted at all as I’m sad to say, in the third world children are still making the clothes for our high street, and even the clothes you are probably wearing as you read this post. In ‘the old world’ women and children would be in the work houses for up to 18 hours a day and is not uncommon to live there.

Back today and the current issues of the 21st century is the ‘fast fashion’ state of mind we all have. As a consumer myself we all subliminally want whats new and whats in season at the time its just out nature to want to fit in and be a part of society, and when its cheap we want more. This is great new for out high street retailers who want one thing. Profit. A perfect example of this would be TOPSHOP which is possibly the most popular shop on the UK high street and how they change up their collections every two weeks. They create minimum stock that will immediately sell out and then repeat the process of buying more every to weeks.

Now onto my wardrobe. As I open its tiny IKEA doors all i can see is a vast array of plaid shirts, it was a phase ok. Looking at some of the labels they mainly have one thing in common. MADE IN CHINA. The only thing to change in the fashion industry is were out clothes are made as it used to be all UK made however as the production cost is so much lower in counties like chine and India we now buy in mass from these countries. However in recent years its become almost stylish to buy UK made clothing and also epicycle clothing and shop vintage.

Now lets be a little controversial… what are your thoughts on fur?


Charlotte Simone AW 15

Is it a chic trend thats slowly becoming more accepted, or the slaughtering of animals for fashion. Designers like Charlotte Simone are becoming more and more popular for using ‘bio-fur’ which is where, only the fur is used  when an animal is used for its meat and would just be thrown away. Does this make it acceptable? My personal views on fur are not so much PETA levels for throwing red paint, but I see that wearing fur comes with its own stigma, having all eyes on you and a level of judgment from the rest of the population.

C.Simone (2015) Big Daddy Online image Available at Accessed (3/12/15)

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