Investigating the origins of a trend.



image taken from Marie Claire ‘RUNWAY’ ISSUE 8 2015

Pop art has become the main source of inspiration for designers ss/16 collections including the likes of Christian DIOR, Jonathan Saunders and Pucci. These hypnotising and graphic prints are enough to send anyone into a daze like state.

The key things to look out for in this trend are high voltage colours, graphic design qualities and colour clashes. All of these qualities are iconic to the pop art era, which was at its height in the 50’s, which artist such as Andy Warhol and Roy Litchenstein were using large blocks of solid colour to create a strong statement and catch people eye. This concept has been adapted to contemporary  fashion with the use of modern garment shapes by designers like Christopher Kane, who’s has taken a traditional trench coat and used modern fabrics like plastic coated leather and PVC, to create strange and interesting contrasts when put together in a coat. This is then combined with an exaggerated chevron zig zag to create more of  statement and catch people eye on catwalks and in stores.



I wanted to look at one garment in detail, so I chose to look at BOTTEGA VENTA. This particular image stood out for me as the contrast in colours is very interesting as they don’t technically match or go well together. However, like in pop art it was all about making a bold statement and a contrast between the light and dark colours. This particular ready to wear garment reminds me of the work of Roy Litchenstein as he uses small circles of block colour to build up colour in a large area.


Roy Lichtenstein ‘oh Jeff’ 1964

What I believe is the inspiration for this collection is the painting ‘oh Jeff’. The reasoning behind my assumption is that the shapes and colour. This is because of the obvious circles that have been used in both but also the shapes that are used as shadows are all very clean, cut and sharp. I believe this is shown in BOTTEGA VENTAs use of clean cut garment shapes that are very angular.

J.Wood (2015)  Marie Claire OP Art Trend ,Volume 8, page 48

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Ginger on HAHAMAG, (2012)THE ROY LICHTENSTEIN “OH JEFF…” COSTUME TUTORIAL, online Image Available from Accessed (15/12)  



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