When all is said and done.. A reflection of contextual studies.

Looking back on my experience with critical and contextual studies I have become a more in-depth thinker and more analytical in my writing. From the first lecture when we studied the context behind images and learning to date them I started to not only look at who took or painted the image I know look for clues. These clues could be anything in the backdrop that could link to a period in history or or a major event ending documented.

When writing my blog posts I have really grown in my ability to write in a more analytical style. For example I’m looking more into the image and becoming my thorough. I’m doing this  by doing more research which i am now finding in its more different sources for example i am now looking more in journals, videos, archives and the library. Previously I only used the internet and I can now see just how limiting it is and unreliable.

What I have gained the most from this experience is that my confidence has grown dramatically. In the past I have avoided speaking in front of crowds in presentations, and having  present my findings. However with the amount of time I had to gather information and practise what I wanted to say I spoke confidently in front of a crowd of people. I will be taking this  forward in the future for presentations.

To conclude this blog series I have learnt a lot about about developing my critical skills and understanding my chosen subject more. Looking into the  piece more has given me  better understanding of what I will be studying and writing about in future lessons. Not only will my written work improve but also my verbal communication will continue to grow in strength and will become my strong point.


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